Workout Routine: Zella Moto Leggings & Sports Bra

Happy Sunday loves!  This has been such a lovely weekend and I’ll share more tomorrow in my weekend recap.  But until then I wanted to share the workout routine for the week as well as these Zella Moto Leggings & Sports Bra!

I’m also kinda glad that fall is around the corner cause my summer tan has officially gone bye bye, lol.

This sports bra is really comfy and I love the mesh details on it.  And these leggings are super comf (hello high waisted FTW) and they’re perfect for doubling as leggings for a cute outfit!! The moto style makes them really versatile…I picture them with an oversized tee or sweater, a leather jacket and some booties!


Leggings // Sports Bra // Sneakers


For the M-W-F workouts, simply click the links below to get the workout printable PDFs to take with you. For those workouts, I count them really as my strength training but they all say “& cardio” because they are cardiovascular because I like to mix the toning/strength stuff with cardio to keep that heart rate up.  It produces that lean muscle and that’s the look I personally want to achieve (long lean muscles) so I create workouts to match that.  So those workouts are still cardio just not in the traditional sense that you are running or on the elliptical, etc.

For my Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday workouts, those are my more traditional cardio days where I usually go on a run but if there’s bad weather or if for some reason I’m just not feeling a run, I’ll do a treadmill workout.

Monday: Legs & Cardio

Tuesday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Wednesday: Abs, Arms, & Cardio

Thursday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Friday: Full Body & Cardio

Saturday: 45-60 minutes cardio of your choice

Sunday: Active rest (30 minute leisurely walk) or just rest!

I hope y’all have a great week, and for any of my Floridian readers or anyone else impacted by Hurricane Irma, I am praying hard for you.  As I write this it has just made landfall in the keys.  Praying somehow she just turns back out into the ocean. <3



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