Reader Requests Recap!

Y’all absolutely blew me away with all your comments on my Reader Appreciation Giveaway post from a couple of weeks ago. I asked y’all to leave me a comment about what you’d want to see more of on BHC in 2018 and it was super helpful for me to be able to hear your answers!!  I always welcome your feedback and anything I can ever do to make this a more valuable and impactful space for you to visit and spend your time, I want to be able to do that and provide that for you! I want you to know I hear you and really care about giving you what you need.

I thought it would be really cool just to recap everyone’s requests here of what you want to see, because ask and you shall receive!  So this way you can know all the cool things I’ll be working on to give you over the next few weeks and months.  One thing that surprised me was how many of y’all requested beauty & skincare tips!! I know I really have only touched on this topic a couple of times, but I had no idea you’d want more of it from me since I am not necessarily a “beauty blogger” …that being said, I’m not totally hopeless when it comes to makeup & skincare tips so I am excited to share that more too.  I think (& hope!) my approach to those things are pretty practical and relatable.  I plan to do some more video tutorials as well.  Y’all can just prepare for more video content coming atcha in general 😉

So I’ve broken out the reader requests into different categories:  Style, Beauty, Fitness/Health, & Other.  This is what y’all want to see more of, but let me know if there’s anything I didn’t include that you want to see!


  • great deals on clothing
  • sale alerts and sale round ups
  • affordable casual looks


  • skincare regimes/recommendations + what kind of skin I have
  • daily/go-to items for makeup & skincare
  • monthly faves/dislikes
  • skincare tips
  • beauty tips
  • products for clear skin
  • more hair & beauty posts
  • how I do my hair + video tutorial
  • affordable recommendations for skincare
  • more beauty tutorials


  • athletic wear + workouts
  • balancing working out & living life
  • healthy food ideas
  • typical day of eating for me
  • quick workouts for when traveling or short on time
  • more workout outfit ideas, different places to get workout gear
  • affordable fitness gear
  • more posts on meals I eat
  • new meal/healthy snack ideas
  • healthy recipes


  • more day in the life posts
  • more travel ideas
  • more weekend recaps
  • more travel recap posts
  • home decor ideas

I LOVEEEE this feedback and it just inspires me to create so much content.  I’m already going to be answering the call this week with specific things you’re wanting to see.  I am here to create value for you so knowing exactly what you want to see is invaluable to me.  I’m excited to branch out and do more beauty stuff and I’m also excited I got so much feedback asking for more travel content!! Spoiler alert: more of that is definitely coming your way 🙂

Please always feel free to leave comments here or email me if there’s something else you want to see!



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