Weekly Workout Schedule + Christmas Leggings

Hi beauties!  I hope you’ve had a great weekend!! We went camping and it was definitely an adventure.  I’ll share more tomorrow in my weekend recap.  I know I’ve missed a couple of those but they’re back, lol.  I’ve just been so busy at work and then working on FITTER and also with the holidays!! So I apologize on slacking a bit on my posts…I’m doing everything I can to get them up when I have time! I think things will die back down a bit, I hope 🙂

Also HUGE thanks to everyone that has already joined FITTER! We have such an incredible team already! We are all starting together on January 1st but obviously when you get the program, you can start using the workouts right away. It is a digital download so it gets sent to you instantly.  Be sure you’re on the email list for a special discount…subscribe here!

Can we also just talk about my leggings in the photo above for a second?  They are from GOLDSHEEP and I am seriously obsessed with them!! They’re so stretchy and comfortable but are definitely perfect for working out too.  They have so many awesome Christmas ones…check them out here.  If you’re running a Christmas race or anything in December, you need these!!! They’re perfect!


Monday: Full Body Circuit

Tuesday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice…Try one of these Treadmill Workouts!


Abs & Arms Circuit

Circuit 1:

  • 30 seconds plank jacks
  • 30 seconds dumbbell press jacks
  • 40 bicycle crunches

Circuit 2:

  • 15 hammer curls
  • 15 hammer curls to shoulder press
  • 15 shoulder press

Circuit 3:

  • 20 toe touch abs
  • 20 weighted crunches
  • 20 up/down planks

Circuit 4:

  • Biceps 21’s
  • 30 alternating standing oblique pulls
  • 10 woodchops per side

Thursday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Friday: Legs & Cardio Circuit

Saturday: 45-60 minutes cardio of your choice…Try a spin class with a friend!!

Sunday: Active rest or rest day



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