Wednesday Q&A #12

I’ve seen that you decorated your bed’s headboard with lights…how did you do it? Is it a bunch of individual lights?

So actually it’s a curtain of lights that are all connected!!  These are the exact ones I used.  We have a king size bed and it’s perfect width for it, but of course if you have a smaller headboard you could just space the lights closer together.  It’s so dreamy with a little Christmas tree in the room too!!

I’ve been really interested in starting a blog but have no idea where to start.  Do you have any tips for beginners?

Yes actually I have an entire set of blog posts dedicated to this very topic about how to get started blogging, as well as a step by step guide of getting it all set up.  Check out all of the posts in this category here!! In case you also need photography tips for your blog’s photos, you can check out the posts here!

Five Tips you need to know to start a blog

What are some of your favorite online boutiques to shop for cute clothes, shoes, & accessories?

Great question 🙂 Below is a list of a few of my favorite online boutiques to shop!!

Who takes your photos?  Do you work with a photographer?

So I would say that most of my pictures are taken by my lovely Instagram husband, Craig.  But I do work with my friend and photographer Deanna on certain projects too.  She also took our Christmas Card photos!

Do you have a quick breakfast recipe that doesn’t require cooking anything?

Hmmm….minus just grabbing a yogurt or bar and running out the door…how about avocado toast?  Sprinkle a few red pepper flakes on top or some “everything but the bagel” seasoning from Trader Joes and you’re good to go.  I love it on ezekiel bread, and I would recommend toasting it, but that’s not required.  Not sure if that counts as cooking or not 🙂

Until next time!!

Send me some more of your questions please!! 🙂



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