His & Hers Outfit Styling Ideas for Holiday Cards

Last week I shared a little glimpse of our Christmas card photo shoot that we did with my photographer, Deanna.  (Check her out by the way if you’re looking for a great photographer…she does couples, engagements, weddings, lifestyle, etc.  You can find her website here.)  I got a lot of questions about my outfit, and then it prompted me to poll my followers on Instagram to see if this was a post you all would like to see.  I got a resounding yes, so today I’m sharing a few different His & Hers Outfit Styling Ideas not only for Christmas/Holiday Cards but I think you can just use the same outfit ideas for engagement sessions or just photo shoots for couples 🙂  But the outfits are definitely geared to be a bit more festive I will say.

I’m also going to share outfits by the type of location and give some location suggestions and scene/prop ideas too if you’re struggling to come up with something.

First up I’ll start with ours!!

Woodsy & Wintery Christmas Card photos:

Shop My Outfit:

Shop Craig’s Outfit:

Cozy At-Home Photos

Scene ideas: Fuzzy blankets, soft PJs or cozy clothes, snuggling on the couch, white lights draped around you, hold mugs of hot chocolate & marshmallows!  (I seriously love this idea and might have to do it next year!).  I think neutral colors are a must here.

Shop Cozy at-Home Photo Outfit Ideas for her:

Shop Cozy at-Home Photo Outfit Ideas for him:

Glitz & Glam City Lights

Scene Ideas: City skyline in the background, possibly taken from a rooftop or parking garage top deck at dusk so the sun is setting and you can see the lights from the city in the background. A nice black suit on him and a gorgeous gown on you to take it over the top!

Shop Glitz & Glam City Lights for her:

Shop Glitz & Glam City Lights for him:

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you’ve got a funny sense of humor, this might be the way you want to go 🙂

Scene ideas: Stand side by side up against a monochrome wall in your funny sweaters…let the sweaters do the talking! Facial expressions should definitely be big smiles or laughter.

Shop Ugly Christmas Sweaters for her:

Shop Ugly Christmas Sweaters for him:

Sorry not a ton of men’s sweaters that are appropriate to share here even though they are funny, lol.  Go check out TipsyElves if you wanna see some funny ones 🙂

Hope this helps and/or at least sparks some inspiration for your pics!!



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