Weekly Workout Schedule + FITTER is Available Now!

Hey friends!  I hope you had the happiest Thanksgiving!!  And I hope you were able to snag some good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals 🙂 In case you missed it, my new FITTER Workout Program & Nutrition Guide is now available for early purchase, and if you’re on my email list, check your inbox!! I sent out a special Cyber Monday discount but it ends tomorrow night (Monday at 11:59pm EST). If you aren’t on the email list yet, you can subscribe here and I’ll send you the discounts 🙂

I wanted to go ahead and get the program out as soon as possible, so you could have time to get the things you need (it’s all listed in the program but it’s just a couple of items!) and be prepared to start with the team on January 1st!! I’m so excited to team is already growing, we are going to have an amazing group of women getting FITTER and motivating each other to succeed!  I will be starting a private Facebook group for team members only so we can all be checking in, supporting each other, and staying accountable throughout the 8 weeks (and beyond!)

If you don’t already know this about me, I played sports my entire life so a team mentality is something I’m a firm believer in and my team becomes my family and I know first hand we can all succeed better together than we ever could apart!  I would love for you to join the FITTER team.  Are you ready?


Here’s the workouts for the week!!  For those of you already on my email list or already have the FITTER program, you will have Week 1 Legs & Cardio workout already (again if you subscribe I will include it in that email to you!) so that is what I want you to do for Monday!! If you aren’t on it yet, I’ll attach another workout below you can do instead.

One thing I’m super excited about with FITTER is that each of the workouts have every single move demonstrated for every single workout.  No more scrolling through my exercise index or googling, it’s just all there on the page for you.  And the entire program is printable so you can take it anywhere!


Monday: FITTER Week 1 Legs & Cardio OR this workout

Tuesday: 30 minutes cardio of your choice

Wednesday: Abs, Arms, & Cardio

Thursday: 30 minutes cardio of your choice

Friday: Full Body & Cardio

Saturday: 45 minutes cardio of your choice

Sunday: Active Rest: Take a yoga class or go for a long leisurely walk

Hope y’all have a great week ahead!! Again I’m so so thankful for each one of you and so happy to finally release the program I worked so hard on and build this team with all of you.  It has been a dream of mine for a long time to create something like this and using this platform and Instagram has really allowed me to do so.  I want you to know throughout the program I am always there for you as the trainer so emailing me anytime is fine! And our Facebook group will also be so great to connect all the wonderful ladies doing it.

Can’t wait. Love you all!



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