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It’s finally here!! I know y’all have been waiting and have been patient for me while I completed putting together all the pieces of the program and IT IS READY!!  I’ve tested the workout myself three times through at this point to perfect it, and I’m hands down in the best shape of my life.  I feel super strong, energized, and confident and that is why I’m so excited for y’all to join me and let’s GET FITTER together!


The program is an 8-week program that tells you what to do every day of the week including circuit workouts and cardio workouts.  Each workout is designed to burn fat, tone lean muscle, increase your cardiovascular endurance and your strength!  There are also three different levels of the program, so you can start at the level right for you.  While the program is 8 weeks long, it’s designed to be done over and over because you can continue to progress through levels and different weights.  This is how you will continue to see results week after week and not hit a plateau.  Investing in yourself to make the changes you’ve always wanted is worth it, I promise.

Each circuit can be done in your own time frame, but they are approximately only 30 minutes each.  All you have to do to complete the circuits is find 30 minutes out of your day!


On top of the workout information, there is also a nutrition guide included with sample meal plans, tons of recipes, and suggestions of what to eat pre- and post-workout and throughout the day to keep that metabolism revving.  But if you know me, you know while I eat healthy and enjoy doing so, I also love my wine, pizza, and chocolate!  I’m going to share how I find the right balance to eating the things I enjoy while still seeing results, without having to count anything.  That’s right…no counting calories or macros or anything.  The guide will also serve as a lesson on intuitive eating and learning how to fuel your body with what it wants and needs.

Check out this letter from a blog reader/workout follower/old friend of mine on her experience with my workouts:

“I can’t say that I have always “struggled” with my weight. I have always been bigger than my older sister and she was the gauge by which I would judge my own body, which is never a good thing to do. Nevertheless, my perception of my body has always been negative. I lived in a world of constant shirt-manipulation and pants-hiking to hide the part of my body that caused me so much inner turmoil. Until I started following Bess’ workouts, I was in a never-ending cycle of starts and stops, successes and failures. I tried the diets that left me hungry and sad. I tried the workout videos that became so monotonous I wanted to scream. I wrote down what I ate every day, worked with an accountability partner, got memberships to gyms – but nothing helped until I decided within myself that I had had enough. Then there was Bess. I started following her on Instagram last Fall. We were friends in early childhood and I was thrilled to have found her on social media. I followed her for a few months, interested but not yet participating in her workouts on her blog. It took me a while – until January of this year – to give what she was working so hard on a chance. As of June, I have lost 25 pounds – solely following her workouts. It definitely wasn’t easy, but I believed in her. I believed that she knew what was best and what would work. And she did. The reason I stuck with it this time was because Bess made it interesting by having me do something different every day. The workouts were challenging but fun and I trusted that she knew what she was instructing me to do was doable. There are three main things that I have learned through this process:
-You won’t follow through with something until you decide it is time to change.
-Do it. No matter how you feel.
-Never miss a Monday.
Thank you Bess, for giving me the opportunity and the insights to enjoy working out and assisting me in getting the results that I have been looking for for so long. You have no idea how much you have helped me.”

That is exactly what I put so much time and energy into this because I know the struggle so many of us go through over and over again.  I’ve been there too.  And the new FITTER program was created to get us all out of that cycle.  Fitness should be fun, a challenge yes, there will be hard times and times you may lack motivation, but this program will share how you make it truly part of your lifestyle without it taking over your life.  I’m confident you will see the change you’ve always wanted, just like my sweet friend did and just like I have!


Also, by joining you will be granted access to the TEAM MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group for support, motivation, and accountability to stay on track and achieve your goals & dreams 🙂

Are you ready to join the team and get FITTER?

YES GIRL, I AM SO IN! (click here!!)

Can’t wait to have you on the team!!


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    November 24, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    I am really interested in your program. I have a pretty solid exercise program, but I am always looking for something new. I do need help with nutrition. Does the program include how much to it and help with snacks? Thank you.

    • Reply
      November 25, 2017 at 8:47 am

      Hi Natalie! You will definitely love the workouts!! As for the nutrition piece, the program has three sample meal plans of what I eat for snacks and meals, and then I have a ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert as well as a list of great snack ideas. So if you take my sample meal plan and input any of the recipes or snacks I give in the program, you will be set! It also talks a lot about how to learn how to eat intuitively and teach you how to eat healthy and balanced without it being stressful or restrictive while you still see results 🙂

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    November 25, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Thank you!

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