Weekly Workout Schedule + A Special Thanksgiving Workout!

Can y’all even believe Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK? Seriously it has really snuck up on me this year.  But personally I’m ready for it 😉  I mean it really doesn’t take too much preparation on my part to get ready to eat a bunch of yummy food & sip wine all day long.  Truly I train my whole life for this moment.  Haha just kidding…maybe.

Anyways, here are some workouts for ya this week, plus a fun little Thanksgiving workout to change it up!! Don’t stress about indulging in your favorite foods this week.  I’m not saying shove your face just to do it, but you know what I mean! I will never preach about deprivation and I will 100% ALWAYS preach that life is meant to be ENJOYED and that includes food & wine and all that, y’all!  I believe in moving and sweating because just in general it makes you feel GOOD (and happy, because endorphins!!) but not because you have to in order to “earn” your treats.

Enjoy exercise, enjoy movement, enjoy eating that pumpkin pie, and enjoy laying on the couch after in a food coma.  It’s all good.

Leggings | Bra | Tee

BTW, this workout gear is from Onzie and they currently have a bunch of great sales on pieces you’ve seen me wear and post, but from 11/22-11/28 they’re having their mega biggest sale of the year …40% off everything (minus the essentials collection). So stock up on this gear now…it’s so good its definitely some of my favorite workout wear ever.  This whole outfit will be on sale plus those marble leggings I love and the white camo ones too…score!

Here are your workouts:)  I’ve changed up the schedule a bit this week because of the new Thanksgiving workout but you’ll still get in all the regular strength & cardio stuff!!


Monday: Legs & Cardio Circuit

Tuesday: Abs & Arms Circuit Workout + 20 minute walk or jog

Wednesday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Thursday: Thanksgiving Circuit Workout…see below!

Friday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Saturday: 45-60 minutes cardio of your choice OR find a nice hot yoga class for a good sweat!!

Sunday: Active Rest Day!! Go for a long leisurely walk or hike!  Take the fam or some friends with you 🙂

And before you go, please let me tell you just how THANKFUL I AM for you, for your readership and your support and for connecting with me!! It truly does mean the world to me and I didn’t want the week dedicated to giving thanks to slip by without me making mention of that fact, however I am appreciative of it every single day and I just wanted you to know.  I’m super excited for things to come, like the new workout program, to do it together and motivate one another! You have no idea how much you motivate me and I can’t wait to take it even further soon 🙂




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