Weekend Recap: Feeling Like Fall

So minus the fact Florida and the Southeast were awaiting the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma, this weekend was really so lovely.  The high topped out around 70 and was in the mid 50s in the mornings…it was glorious.  I’ve even spotted some leaves turning orange and falling to the ground.  It has me so excited for our fall mountain trips!!  And on top of that, football made its return which just gives me those fall vibes even more…and the Panthers won, yay!

Friday I had a cleaning spree at the house and then lit my fall candles & enjoyed some wine.  Solid way to kickoff the weekend, if I do say so myself!  We stayed in and made some pasta & watched some Netflix…yes we do this at least one night per weekend and I couldn’t love it more.

Saturday morning I was up around 8am after 9 awesome hours of sleep!! I immediately made my coffee & my usual pre-run breakfast of ezekiel bread with almond butter, banana, and honey.  I procrastinated a bit getting out the door, but finally around 9:30am I headed out.  For no particular reason, I wanted to do 9 miles.  I had done 8 a few weeks ago, and 7 last week, so 9 just felt right.  I was mentally a little nervous about doing 9 miles because I haven’t done that in so long. I legit cannot remember the last 9 mile run I did…it was probably years ago.  But it ended up being so perfect with the weather and everything, I loved it.

So I got 9 hours of sleep, ran 9 great miles, and later found out the date was 9/9.  Maybe 9 is my lucky number, lol.

PS- I shared on IG stories my new favorite running top

It is soft, lightweight, and just the right amount of stretchy.  I think I will probably get another one or two in different colors.  It’s just a great all around workout top.  It’ll be great for layering under long sleeve tees or jackets as the weather gets cooler.

I recovered with a hot shower and some almond milk, Growing Naturals vanilla protein powder, & cinnamon.  I love adding cinnamon to it because it just boosts the flavor even more.  Try it!

That night we decided to go out for burgers because it had probably been a week since we last had a burger, lol.

(top from Chicwish here…full outfit coming to the blog soon)

Sunday morning included getting brunch at Famous Toastery…cornbread to start, then I got the egg white omelet with avocado, bacon, & tomato.  Craig and I were really craving pancakes too (the dilemma of what to choose at brunch is forever going to happen to me) so we got a pancake to share.

After brunch I put Craig through a little workout (he tested Wednesday’s circuit…husband approved!) we cozied back up on the couch for an afternoon of football.  I put chili in the crockpot to make and I had my first pumpkin flavored item of the year….this pumpkin beer from Sycamore Brewing here in Charlotte.  It’s hands down the best pumpkin beer I’ve ever had.  I got it at Harris Teeter for all you locals…not sure if it is available outside of the Charlotte footprint or not.

I hope y’all had a great weekend and a great Monday.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Hurricane Irma’s path!



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