Weekly Workout Schedule: All Black Activewear

Hey babes!! Another week is ahead and even though tomorrow is a holiday, don’t forget to get your sweat on!! All you need to give me is 30 minutes of your day and then you can go back to doing whatever it is you’re doing to spend Labor Day.  Happy Labor Day, btw 🙂  The weekly workout schedule is below, plus an all-black activewear look. I love all black when I’m working out.  And just wearing athleisurely.  And really anytime, ha.  Let’s put it this way:

All Black Activewear Look:

Am I a goof in these pics or what? LOL.  I was pretty much cracking up the entire time.

Shop the Look:

Leggings // Sweatshirt // Sneakers //

Weekly Workout Schedule

For the M-W-F workouts, simply click the links below to get the workout printable PDFs to take with you!  By the way, I’m sharing some Treadmill Interval Workouts on the blog tomorrow so if you’re in need of some cardio workouts, def check back here tomorrow for those!

Monday: Legs & Cardio

Tuesday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Wednesday: Abs, Arms, & Cardio 

Thursday: 30-45 minutes cardio of your choice

Friday: Full Body

Saturday: 45-60 minutes cardio of your choice

Sunday: Active rest (30 minute leisurely walk) or just rest!

I hope y’all enjoy a nice long weekend!



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