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Invisalign Treatment in Charlotte

Hi friends! Y’all might remember that I had Invisalign a few months ago because I really wanted to straighten out some of my teeth that used to be pretty darn perfect on their own but had started shifting over the past couple of years.  It was something I really wanted to fix before it continued to get worse because my smile was always something I really took pride in and from which I felt confidence.  I think this is the…

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  • Invisalign Update + New AcceleDent Optima

    Hey friends!! Checking in with an Invisalign Update + New AcceleDent Optima info.  I wanted to give a little update with how my treatment is going and where I am in the treatment process, plus share info about my new AcceleDent device that I’ve been using.…

  • Invisalign Clearsmile Orthodontics

    Invisalign with Clearsmile: The First 5 Weeks

    If you haven’t read my first post on why I started Invisalign with Clearsmile Orthodontics for my treatment, you can do so here. This post is going to cover my first five weeks with Invisalign from my delivery appointment up until my second appointment.  I’ve…